The Sign of Leo: a refreshing listening experience

The Sign of Leo is a project by songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Martin E located in Groningen, Holland.

The music of The Sign of Leo is rooted in the history of popmusic with influences from the 60’s, 70’s and faint echoes from the early 80’s.

Martin E has always been fascinated by the sound of the mellotron. This instrument is featured quite prominently in the music of The Sign of Leo which gives it a melancholy touch. Drums, bass and guitars provide a solid rock orientated foundation. The vocal lines are melodic and chilled. Big emotions are avoided giving the music a more serene and ethereal quality.

No question, pop and rock songs are about in abundance so it takes something different to stand out from the crowd. The Sign of Leo succeed in doing just that with well-thought out instrumentation and intricate arrangements providing depth and colour, dynamics and variation to their songs. 

The lyrics of The Sign of Leo deal with every day life and beyond; from the exaltation of a new found  love in “Because of you”, the hardship of divorce in “Hearts” to the the apocalyptic message of “Look up at the sky”, and the supernatural of “Angels and Strangers”.

The Sign of Leo combines the history of popmusic with a modern and contemporary approach to songwriting and arranging which makes for a refreshing listening experience. Music that will appeal to a large audience.

Come into the world of The Sign of Leo and let yourself be persuaded.